What to Expect During a Routine Dental Exam

Most people are proactive about scheduling yearly physicals, eye exams and so on. So, why do they so often forget about scheduling their biannual dental visits?

The reason is actually fairly straightforward; many simply prioritize their oral health lower than that of other parts of their body. The truth, though, is that this sort of thinking (most of us actually prioritize dental health lower according to this study performed by the World Health Organization) can be extremely detrimental in the long run. Issues that could have been discovered with a checkup can turn into severe health issues, the complications of which can spread beyond the mouth. These issues can also be much more uncomfortable and expensive to treat.

People might also put off dental visits as a result of dental anxiety – a fear of what might happen while they are sitting in the dentist’s chair. While nobody wants to endure a medical procedure, regular dental visits are by and large much more pleasant and low stakes than the way people imagine them. If you would like to avoid costly and painful procedures down the road, you can do so by being proactive. Visit the dentist for a routine exam every six months and you will be in much better shape later on down the road.

So, all of that aside, what should you expect during a routine dental exam?



A Professional Cleaning

Professional cleanings are an important component of your biannual dental visit. As the name suggests, this process entails a hygienist and/or dentist performing an in-depth cleaning of your mouth. Even for those who have pristine oral hygiene routines at home, it is important to pursue professional cleanings twice per year. This is for a few reasons…

Firstly, a dental professional can help reach and clean places in your mouth you may overlook or not be able to reach at home. This is especially true of areas toward the back of the mouth; the molars chew more food and are thus exposed to more bacteria buildup.

A dental office will also have more advanced technology than you have at home, meaning their cleaning process will be much more thorough than even the most intensive home cleaning. If you do not seek the help of a professional to address things like buildups of plaque and bacteria, your teeth can become compromised. You may find yourself with cavities, gum disease and much more.


A Thorough and Routine Dental Exam

A routine dental visit should include a professional dental assessment of your mouth. This might include a visual assessment as well as additional imaging from a traditional X-ray machine or three-dimensional imaging system. These measures help your dentist and their team spot red flags for potential issues or diagnose existing ones. By seeing the dentist every six months, you can prevent these problems from growing into greater health issues.

For example, an undetected cavity can continue decaying to the point where you may need a dental crown or even a root canal procedure. When issues are caught early, your dentist will propose a simple and direct solution that can save you lots of money and discomfort down the road.

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