Have You Considered A Bridge? Missing a Tooth Or Teeth?

Everyone wants to look great, and having a bright and healthy smile is part of that. However, if you are missing one or more of your natural teeth, you may feel embarrassed. You may not want to smile or eat around others as a result. Unfortunately, that awkwardness can harm your personal and professional relationships.

One option that you can discuss with your dentist to restore your smile is a bridge. There are several factors involved, including the health of the teeth on either side. If they are not strong enough to support the bridge, your dentist may suggest implants to anchor each side of the bridge.

A bridge is a permanent structure that is designed to look exactly like the teeth around it. If your teeth are healthy on each side, the dentist will remove a small amount of the tooth in order to slide the bridge over it. The bridge is designed to cover the teeth on either side and the spaces in between.

While you do have other options, such as a partial denture, a bridge provides greater comfort, stability and contributes to a healthier mouth. Partial dentures are known to flip out of the mouth sometimes and require extra cleaning steps after each meal and at night. With a bridge, you will care for it just as you care for your other teeth. The only difference is that you cannot floss between the teeth you see. However, you can floss between the bridge and the teeth on either side.

If you are tired of having a gap in your smile, contact your dentist about having a bridge there instead. You will be more comfortable eating, talking and laughing with others. The payoff in your self-esteem is well worth the investment!

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